Webinar: ICD-10 for Coders and Clinical Staff PART 2- February 21, 2014 at 9:00 am PT
Sponsored by HealthTech

As a preferred vendor of CCAHN, HealthTech is pleased to offer the following webinar for all CCAHN member hospitals:


Webinar:  ICD-10 for Coders and Clinical Staff – PART 2


With all the buzz regarding ICD-10 and how much greater the specificity requirements are, we are brought back to the question providers have been asking for years, “What do you want me to say?” Exactly what do providers need to establish in the medical record to comply with the requirements of this new code set? And really, why does it matter?
Topics include:

  • Discuss the amount of documentation that is now required.
  • Learn to link diagnoses with treatment clearly in the record.
  • Review top diagnoses for specific documentation requirements under ICD-10.


Speaker:  Paula Digby, Principal ACQ Compliance


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Presentation & Recording:

The power point presentation will be available for down-load by February 16 on the HTMS web site.  The password to access the presentation is rc2.  The link to access the recording will be available approximately 2 business days after the webinar on the HTMS Web site.  The password to access the link is rc2.



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