Webinar: ICD-10 for Coders and Clinical Staff – February 14, 2014 at 9:00 am PT
Sponsored by HealthTech

As a preferred vendor of CCAHN, HealthTech is pleased to offer the following webinar for all CCAHN member hospitals:


Webinar:  ICD-10 for Coders and Clinical Staff


In this session we’ll look closely at the coding of services using ICD-10 codes and we’ll begin to focus on documentation improvement. For those of you with a clinical perspective, you’ll hear a few details that may not seem relevant, but stay with us – by the end of this presentation you will understand more fully how you can improve both patient care and your hospital’s overall performance by simply tweaking your notes.

Topics include:

  • Getting oriented to the new language of ICD-10
  • Learning to build a code


Speaker:  Paula Digby, Principal ACQ Compliance


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Audio Only:

You may access the audio only portion of the presentation by calling 1-866-952-8437 at the scheduled time.  The passcode is 190-035-863.   You may not be able to ask questions if you choose this option.


Presentation & Recording:

The power point presentation will be available for down-load by February 10 on the HTMS web site.  The password to access the presentation is rc1.  The link to access the recording will be available approximately 2 business days after the webinar on the HTMS Web site.  The password to access the link is rc1.


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